October 1, 2017 -  September 30, 2018


Executive Committee Members

Alston Roberts, Chair
Bill Pollard, Vice Chair/Chair Elect
Dwight Horton, Treasurer
Whit Smith, Secretary/Chair, Governmental Affairs
  • Bill Pollard, Chair
  • Dick Russack, Vice Chair
  • David Nolet, Treasurer, Chair Capital Campaign Committee
  • Whit Smith, Secretary, Chair Government Affairs
  • Kit Moncrief, President, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation


Members at Large

  • Lynny Sankary


Committee Chairs

  • John Dudley, Chair, Collections Committee
  • Tyler Crumley, Chair, Education Committee
  • Steve Palko, Chair, Innovation Committee
  • John Ryan, Chair, Development Committee
  • Anthony Edwards, Chair, Technology Committee
  • Alston Roberts, Past Chair



  • Auld, Marianne
  • Baker, Stephanie Bird
  • Benedetti, Henry G. “Hank”
  • Blakeney, Rob
  • Carter, Judy 
  • Carvalho, Anne 
  • Crumley, Tyler T.
  • Dudley, John E.
  • Edwards, Dr. Anthony 
  • Finley, James D. 
  • Flores, Romelia H.
  • Harrington, Ryan C.
  • Havener, Gary
  • Johnson, Ashley W.
  • Kleinheinz, Marsha
  • Martin, Carter 
  • Martin, Louella 
  • Moncrief, Kit Tennison 
  • Nolet, David E.
  • Palko, Dr. Steffen 
  • Parks, Michael 
  • Pinkerton, John 
  • Pollard, William D. 
  • Roberts, Alston 
  • Rosell, Jennifer K.
  • Rosenthal, Benjamin 
  • Russack, Richard A.
  • Ryan, John A. 
  • Sankary, Lynny 
  • Smith, Whit 
  • Tatum, Steve 
  • Yudiski, Amy



  • Van A. Romans



  • Hernandez, John J.
  • Horton, Dwight
  • Kelly, Rob 
  • Lansford, Bob 
  • Thompson, J. Andy


Fun Fact
The Museum School was one of the first museum preschools accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

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